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mbrownHi, my name is Michael David Brown and I am a candidate for School Board in the City of Chesapeake Virginia. I am a 20 year veteran of the Chesapeake Police Department who has been married for 28 years. My wife Patricia and I believe the wellbeing of our children’s education is important to their future and of our City. In our home we have always stressed the importance of education as a tool for improving life’s opportunities. I have two children who graduated from Indian River High School and my youngest son is attending there now. My eldest a daughter, graduated from Hampton University with Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Atmospheric Science. My eldest son is a member of the United States Army Airborne Command in FT. Bragg N. C. and was recently promoted to The Rank of Sergeant.
My concern is “Excellence in Education” and I believe there is no substitute for well-trained compassionate professional educators who knows how to capture the interest of and inspire students to believe in themselves, so they will become citizens who contributes to the wellbeing of society.
I believe educators who possess the necessary determination, dedication and desire to deliver on their performance, while keeping the wellbeing of every child in the forefront of this endeavors, exist within our school system right now. It is my goal to improve the school system where there are weak points, such as the ten schools who obtained only a conditional accreditation during the last school years. I intend to do this through encouraging innovative cooperation with all communities in and outside the city. I have no doubt these schools put forth a valiant effort in their desire to meet this required goal and to them I believe goes the acknowledgement of this fact. I want to do my part in supporting their future efforts by developing ways in which to address this concern and doing my part to assist them to accomplish it.
I am a proven leader
•A Law Enforcement Officer
•Community Police Officer
•Criminal Investigator
•Internal Affairs Investigator
•Patrol Sergeant
•Administrative Sergeant
•I am a 22 year member of Faith Deliverance Christian Center in Norfolk Virginia where I serve as a Ministry Leader/Consultant of Safety and Security Team

I believe in excellence in education
•Technology driven for future opportunities
•School uses the latest in aptitude evaluation testing
•Steering students toward exceptional performance guided by their aptitude and interest

Every School Accredited
•Think long term by assessing the needs of the students which affords them the opportunity to learn and perform to their full potential
•Develop early intervention steps so every student is made a priority
•Develop early education programs to develop critical thinking skills
•Develop alternate funding through partnership with citizens, businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations

School Safety and Security
•Develop awareness programs where students will be able to identify threats
•Develop a program which will allow a student to report unusual or violent tendencies
•Offer training in school and internet to recognize and report bullying
I am a servant leader committed to excellence in education and the wellbeing of our children while understanding the eminent importance of preparing our students for future educational and employment opportunities. Many students today will not go on to a higher institution of learning (Colleges and Universities). For those who chose to enter the workforce be it as an apprentice, a trade school with employment potential, or an entry level on the job training position in a company with the possibility of upward mobility, it is our responsibility to set them up for success. We must endeavor to train into our student a good work ethic (which starts with classroom time, homework, and encouragement from teachers, parents, and faculty) while attending the Chesapeake school system. We want them to recognize the competitiveness found in today’s world economy and to feel certain they have the tools necessary to allow them an equitable opportunity in the future while becoming adults who contribute to the good in society.
I decided to become a candidate for the School Board because of the excellent education my children received from Indian River High School. I believe I have the ability to be an asset to each student attending our school system. I know the level of dedication and devotion faculty and staff place into getting our children ready for adulthood, college, trade schools, and of course employment. I believe this attitude is embraced throughout the school system. There is no shortage of teachers and faculty with the desire to deliver to our children the high quality education necessary to be competitive in today’s world. I want each school equipped with the tools and resources essential to affect high quality performance in both or teachers and each child; in order to achieve effective and efficient result. By accomplishing this goal, our school system will become the envy of other school systems across the region, state and nation.

2 thoughts on “Meet Michael David Brown

  • March 5, 2014 at 1:06 am

    Welcome aboard. You have my vote! !

  • March 6, 2014 at 11:33 pm

    Mr. Brown- we are trying to reach you to invite you to the South Norfolk Borough Civic League City Council forum. The city provided your contact information as a candidate however the email they provided: browns was undeliverable.

    Can you please provide a good contact email?



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